A brief letter to all participants, 

Thank you all to those who participated. There was a lot of great work we saw and many interesting conversation the jury had. After much deliberation, conflict  and argument , the jury finally made the difficult decision of choosing the artists that best reflected the criteria of FRONT, SM15, and that of our guest juror Margaret Krug. 

It is important to keep in mind that every open call we host has a particular vision and a different guest juror which provide the criteria for the selection process.  This vision and criteria is not always the same, especially since we try and invite new guest jurors with every open call we have. We encourage the production of a the variety of work in different style and with different ideas, significance, materials, and sizes. We strive for equal recognition of all artists interested in all mediums and styles. 

Without further ado, FRONT is pleased to present this SM15's selected artists: 


 Solo Show at FRONT art space gallery:

Marge Moody

2016 Affordable Art Fair Artists: 

Roy Aurinko

FRONT Trio (Group Show at FRONT art space studio): 

Christian Brown

Marge Moody

Danny Turitz

30 SM15 Finalists(catalog Publication): 

Andrew Robinson

 Sofia Argyropoulou

Roy Aurinko

Jennifer Becker

Lorenzo Bordonaro

Christian Brown 

Andrea Campos

Cedric van Eenoo

Elliott Chambers

James Cicatko

Julia Clift

Chris Collins

Andrew Dines

Jeremy Entwistle

Laura Figlewski

Joe Gegan

Seth Howe

Margaret Hyde

 Patti Jordan

Tara Kopp

Matthew Langland

Gurdrun Latten

Rick Lewis

Jenna Lynch

Michael Thron

Marge Moody

Sarah Morejohn

Pamela Shipley

Danny Turitz


Congratulations to the selected artists!

Images of the work and links to the artists personal webpages coming soon