Robert Reitzfeld
New Paintings, Book Launch & Signing

Exhibition Dates: September 1 – 17, 2016
Opening: Thursday, September 1, 2016, 5-8pm

“Comics were my art history in my formative years” highlights Reitzlfed in his artist statement. His work always combines elements from the comics: tidbits co-opted, re-arranged or juxtaposed create colorful, complicated and often disorienting abstract passages. Reitzfeld playfully uses the figure-ground paradigm as a mean to create depth. “While being abstract, the work contains enough familiarity that viewers tend to develop and build their own stories, in fact write their own personal comic book…” says  Reitzfeld.

In addition to exhibiting Mr. Reitzfeld new paintings, FRONT is honored to host the launch of his book “Robert Reitzfeld Paintings” with an essay by David Ebony. In his essay for the book, Ebony defines Reitzfeld’s work as being a sharply focused and as a rather sober enterprise, enveloped, as it may be, in all the post-pop acerbic wit and colorful humor. Reitzfeld may be best regarded as an archaeologist, or even a psychoanalyst of recent art and contemporary culture. This same essay, describes Reitzfeld as a consummate imagist, reconstituting and re-contextualizing art icons in order to prepare them for the future—a masterful job of recycling. However, equally adept at the language of pure abstraction.