Relational Gastronomy

May 7 - May 29, 2016


New York, NY – May 4, 2016 – FRONT is pleased to welcome Jonah Reider, of PITH, for a month-long, in-gallery art residency. Mr. Reider, a young experimental chef, will occupy the gallery to explore a series of interactive and relational concepts.

During his residency Mr. Reider will be engaging viewers in an intimate and convivial process of imagining, creating, and consuming food. As a social investigation, this exhibition aims to activate modes of connection through a shared experience in an experimental space.

Whenever Mr. Reider occupies the space, the gallery will be open for people to walk in, talk to him, and experience items on display. There may be occasions where participants will play a more active role as they get involved in the actual creative process and animate a social and gastronomic experience. Participants may experience this relational exploration by helping to manipulate ingredients, pick herbs cultivated by Mr. Reider, combine spices, and plate complete dishes.

Mr. Reider has developed a dining aesthetic specifically for this installation, curating work from ceramist Lily Fein and furniture makers Maxwell Simon and Reid Hoyt. This work will be available for purchase during the length of the residency, alone and as part of unique auctioned experiences.

On the last weekend of the exhibition, Mr. Reider will be present full time at the gallery preparing six private banquet sessions. These experiences, for two guest and lasting between 45-90 minutes, will be auctioned later in the month and will occur between May 26 -May 28, 2016. Patrons who participate in the auctioned experiences will be acquiring the ceramic pieces and possibly the furniture upon which their experience took place.


Watch May 13, 2016 video

PITH/FRONT auction has been POSTPONED for the end of June. Please email FRONT art space if you would like to learn more.