Cornell University - Student Prints

ON VIEW: FEBRUARY 20 - 27, 2016


Lead by professor Alva Mooses and professorGreg Page, the Cornell University 2015-2016 print students will present the progression of technique through the exploration of various relationships such as the interaction of ink and paper, the dynamic between color and line, the building of abstract compositions and the juxtaposition of different materials in collage pieces.

The concepts for the prints are partly in response to environments and objects on the Cornell Ithaca Campus. Some of the prints are based on specific sites, in particular the Cornell Botanical Gardens, while other prints were informed by historic documents, objects, or artifacts from Cornell’s many collections including the Johnson Museum and Kroch Rare Manuscript Library.


Print Students in the Exhibition:

Laura-Bethia Campbell
Edbert Cheng
Ming Chi
Jaeyong Choi
Walmir Da Luz
Beatrice Goh
Joon Ho Lee
Alexandra Plache
Ji Yoon
Daphany Shen
Sean Steed
Jay Yang

Frances Atkins
Nadezhda Chernova
Paola Cuevas Baez
Rae Dagdagan
Alexandra Donovan
Anders Evenson
Emily Florenza
Lucas Gandy
Anamika Goyal
So Yeon Kim
Yoonjae Kim
John Lai
Brian Lee
Ashley Mbogoni
Aashti Miller
Rachel Mochon
Tomas Reimer
Sabine Strauch
Le Tone Wei

Christina Welzer
Elana Cohen
Hannah Lang
Jax Davies
Julia Rainier Zell
Jada Simone Haynes
Kylie Corwin
Amy Julia Perelberg
Kelsey Elizabeth Burgers
Margaret Siobhan O'Keefe
Nellie Congdon

Tony Li
Ji Young Park
Caroline Michelle Weiner
Rechea Cheyeanne Christie
Yukimi Ohashi
Brenna Vaughn
Lilly Delilah Sullivan
David Marten Cabuenas
Thomas Rhee Jr
Junseok Kim
Aurora Masum-Javed
Natalia Regina Marra